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With 40% of EV Chargers Not working.
Your natural talents for fixing things is in high demand.
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Welcome to the forefront of the electric revolution! Our cutting-edge online course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the fast-growing Electric Vehicle (EV) industry.
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  • Expert Training: Learn from industry leaders and seasoned professionals.
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  • Community Impact: Contribute to a sustainable future by improving EVSE uptime.
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Enhance your skills to meet the credentials established by the electrical professional industry leveraging our proprietary
MicroTraX platform.


We verify your credentials to ensure service providers can fulfill service obligations with work ready talent.


We ensure your certification as a worker and are building the largest network of professionals servicing the needs of the growing electrification industry.
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EVSE Diagnostic Technician Package

Courses included

EDT Certification Prep

Complete Competency to start your journey as a Certified EVSE Diagnostic Technician.
  • 3 EDT Programs 
  • Competency Exam
  • Access to Community

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